Repairing a window blind


It’s better to try and figure a way to repair the window blinds rather than replacing them and spending all that money.

Window blinds come in a variety of colors, materials, and they all have individual instruction about how to take care of them. There are some simple tasks you have to perform once a week such as cleaning the blinds.

At some point you may need to perform a repairing on the blinds because the wands are bent or something like that.

Remember to always consult the manufacturer manual first before starting to repair something. You will know better where each piece goes. So when you want to replace a part you will know where it goes. Speaking about parts, you should know that the best ones are the ones from the original manufacturer.

Repairing vertical blinds

An often problem with vertical blinds is the disconnection of one slat. This will cause all the other slats to slide irregularly. What you need to do is replace that slat with a new one. You just have to connect it to the track and wire and to check if it’s working fine.

Repairing Twisted Cords

After repeated pulls of the tassel to open and close the blind the cords may get twisted. You will know this when the blinds won’t rise evenly. The only way to repair this is to take a grasp at the tassel and pull the cords all in the same time. Call a professional if the problem is not solved.

Repairing Damaged Blind Clips

This often appearing problem is easily solved by replacing the damaged blind clip with a newly bought one.

We just passed through some common problems that blinds meet and some simple ways to fix them yourself. These are just simple advices and if the problem can’t be solved call a professional.

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