Different types of stones used in construction

The first type of natural rock is the igneous rock. This rock forms from cooled magma or lava. One type of igneous rock used very often in construction is granite because it is very hard which means it has strength and durability.

It is most often used in countertops and flooring.

Some other igneous rocks are the Pumice and Scoria, which are softer, and Basalt and Obsidian which are harder. They are normally used in building blocks.

Another type of rock is the metamorphic rock. The name “metamorphic” relates to the fact that this type of stone results after a transformation from another type of rock after extreme pressure and temperatures are applied.

One type of metamorphic rock very known is marble, most known for its use on statues and stonework. It has mainly decorative uses.

Slate, another metamorphic rock, it is a hard and granular stone used for inscriptions and memorials. It is also very useful as roofing material because of its layered form that allows masons to split it in thin pieces.

The last type of rock is the sedimentary rock. This type is formed in water and it is the result of the sedimentation of other rocks, organic particles or calcium deposits.

The two most known sedimentary rocks are limestone (Yorkstone, Kentish Ragstone, travertine and others).

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