Manage the risks of sub-contractors

The risk management process is needed after you decide what you want to buy and you make the list of sub-contractors. It is very important to start this process early. If the suppliers of your product are few then the risk evaluation is absolutely needed.

Here are the cases where risk management is needed:

When already existing proprietary software needs to be modified to support the system’s requirements then you must know that only the original owner can perform this modifications, due to copyrights. The software development based on a sole source supply is very hard and its success depends on its micro-management.

Another work that is very risky and depends on good management is to make a bespoke software, even though there are some contractors that can perform the job.

If the project needs hardware items designed and manufactured specifically for it then the degree of risk management is very high.

The risk is low in cases of items bought from commerce, or hardware that is available in many different products; still it is required to perform management.

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