What do you need to perform aggregate crushing?

Aggregate crushing refers to crushing different aggregates like an assemblage of crushed stone, gravel, slag, sand, stone, into smaller pieces so that they can be used in construction. To perform this you are going to need some equipment.


The vibrating conveyor belt is the mean of transportation for the aggregate to the crushers through a long belt that also vibrates. The reason why it vibrates is because this way, bigger rocks won’t get inside the crusher all at once and also it culls off smaller rocks.

2. The jaw crusher is the first crusher in which the vibrating belt pours the rocks. It consists of an angled plate and a vertical one and once the rocks get inside they are crushed on this plates. From this place another vibrating belt carries the rocks further on.

3. The impact crusher is the second crusher. The reason we need a second crusher is because the rocks are not yet small enough. This crusher has a system that throws the rocks against a hard plate and because of the impact they shatter.

4. The vibrating screen is actually a filter with the purpose to select the rocks based on their sizes. Then the rocks are parceled on size categories and read to be delivered to buyers.

5. The dump trucks are used to transport the final product to the worksite where they are requested.

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