Information about router bits

Think about all the things that you use every day in your life. Try to figure out how many of them came in contact with a router bit. You will realize that a great number of things, which makes the router a very important multi-tasking tool for our lives.

Look at the sign on the front of your workplace and at the name on your mailbox, they were made with the use of a CNC bit; look at the windows of your house and at the dresser drawers, now remember that they were made with the use of a stile and rail bit and a dovetail bit. The combination of the router with the bit has only recently appeared and it was one of the smartest ideas that can help a craftsman with his work.

The bits of a router are specially designed from high speed steel to resist hot temperatures while cutting edges with a very sharp precision. For the tool longevity and user safety the bits used with the routers have recommended RPM ratings. There is a material called carbide that is used on the cutting surface of a bit or in some cases the bit is made only from carbide. The reason for this is because carbide offers a longer life and also cuts better through composite woods like MDF, plywood, and other manmade materials. Still these types of bits are more expensive.

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