Using cordless power tools

Since 1980 cordless power tools have become more and more popular because the consumers liked the idea. Cordless technology has applied to both light power tools like glue guns and scrubbers and to more heavy-duty equipment like drills and saws.

Because they are so easy to use they are becoming more and more popular.

With a tool that still has a cord it is very hard to move around, thus you have very little mobility. The cord can also be a safety hazard since the worker may get tangled in it and cause an accident. With a cordless tool all these are forgotten. The ease of use comes from the fact that the worker can move around the working place without stopping the tool.

The first downside of the cordless technology is the energy needed. No cord means the tool will need batteries. And the batteries from today only last for a limited amount of time, which for heavy duty tools can be very small. Besides the limited working time, batteries are often not rechargeable, meaning you will need a stock of replacement batteries constantly. All this is going to make the investment in a cordless tool bigger than the one in a tool with cord.

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