Take care from industrial accidents

Safety is the most important thing about a job. There are many dangers that industrial environment can hide, so this is why workers and staff need to assure the workplace safety. The manager must train employees and respect all safety procedures if he wants his business activity to be good.

He needs to check periodically and eliminate any possible hazards.

Ergonomics and improper lifting are the most common issues that occurs injuries. Skeleton, head, eyes skin, hands, lungs and spine are the most common areas of the body which are injured.

Ergonomics represent the science of designing safety equipment for all workers. This fact improves health and productivity and it is a very important requirement for machinery and controlled equipment. Bad ergonomic planning can cause severe diseases to the skin and other part of the body. Employees need to know the risks of their jobs and they need to ask about professional equipment in case of not receiving one.

Injuries of the back are usually cause by the lifting. There are some techniques that keep injuries away from workers. So, instead of bending the back, a worker can bend his legs. Into this way, he will avoid to put any pressure and his back. The back should be straight when an object is lifted and the work should be done by the arms and legs. Twisting should be avoided by the workers when they are lifting an object.

Inappropriate equipment is a common injury cause. All equipments should be regularly checked and renewed. The employer should respond about injuries caused by bad equipment, but in almost all cases they don’t care about it. So, if you have a inappropriate equipment, you will need to ask for a new one. Also, tools and machinery need to be inspected regularly.

Chemicals represent another cause of bad injuries for many workers. Also, workers and employers should avoid tangling any clothes and hair into machines.

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