How to plan a town

One of the most expected objectives of an engineer and architect is town planning. This is the perfect time to get creative and consider the needs of the residents in creating new structures.

Before executing the town planning there are some aspects that have to be taken into consideration no matter the place in the world.

First of all there has to be an assessment of the land to understand the area and also the natural resources available.

Second, there has to be a geological survey. It has to be sure that there is no oil or other natural reserves in the land that may affect the later work.

Then there is necessary to conduct an analysis of the soil to understand how it is going to support the town structuring. If the soil is not resistant to earthquakes and tectonic movement then the town is not safe.

Later on, there is the problem of safety and security. Good examples here are the areas from United States that present a fire hazard risk due to the forest. Because of this there are necessary to be taken adequate protection measures. Anyway, the best thing to do is to build residences away from the forest so there aren’t any risks at all for the people.

The last thing to consider is the communication system with the exterior. This includes road networks, railway networks and air routes. When planning a town in desert areas it is important that the people have movement opportunities.

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