About diggers

One of the most important pieces for a building site is a digger. There are many models and types of diggers and you will find in this article the most used machines in UK.

Excavators are a type of digger which has an arm which consists of a boom and a stick.

Also, it has a bucket right at the end. On the top of a revolving platform is the cab. The machine has wheels or tracks. They are used for landscaping, digging, demolition and also grading. They have different sizes. Large excavators are used for the mining industry and small ones are used for streets and small places.

Backhoe loader is another type of digger which was invested in 1953 by JC Bamford in UK. It is know by JBC initials and it is made from a tractor body with a bucket and backhoe. It is versatile and compact. The bucket is used for loading and the backhoe for digging. This machine has a big advantage because it can be used on streets and sites as well and it can be transferred for different jobs. The hydraulic stabilizers can add more stability for the digging if they are attached to the machine.

Another model is the Bulldozer which was developed from a farm tractor used in America. This machine is used for construction, mining and road building. It has huge steel blades mounted in front. The machine uses different blades for different tasks and it can navigate rough terrain.

Introduced by JBC in 1978, the load alls are known as telescopic handlers. They are used in agriculture and construction due to their versatility. They use shovel, bale lift and grapple attachments as accessories.

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