Basic maintenance of a seamless gutter

To properly maintain the gutter in order to have a proper rain water flow, you will need to understand how a seamless gutter differs from the ones using joints.

A seamless gutter is very heavy; therefore there is the risk that it may pull away from the fascia board that supports it. This means you have to make sure it doesn’t pull away so that it stays supported on the roof.

For this you have to check the integrity of the gutter, look for cracks and other signs that may indicate you there is a problem with the support. You can always use more brackets than you would normally use to ensure a proper support. This way all the weight of the gutter will be spread over many points reducing the risk to brake. The problem with seamless gutter is that if they have a support problem than the entire lot may eventually fall.

Even though a seamless gutter is less possible to have blockages you still have to perform a regular cleaning to remove the leaves and other debris that may get inside the gutter. You must not avoid this job because it is important that the water flow is proper. A better idea might be to install gutter guards or caps that prevent leaves from getting inside the gutter.

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