Gutter guards that work with half round gutters

Many choose half round gutters as an option to drain water from the roof and to the downspouts. This way you protect your home’s walls, basement and foundation.

But having a gutter also means taking care of it.

And there is often the problem of the leaves and other debris that clog the drainage. You will need to clean the gutters regularly especially if your home is surrounded by trees. The solution to this problem is simple: use a gutter guard.

The first gutter guard type is called a gutter screen, a common type. The screens are clamped onto the front bead of the gutter with clips. They are made of sections 3 foot long. The debris is simply stopped by the screens to enter the gutter. For an easier cleaning there are the hinges that simply open the screen.

The second gutter guard type is the gutter filter. To use this type of gutter guards you need a 5”-6” half round gutter. The debris is stopped in the tight seal formed by the gutter guard. You install the gutter filter under and over the gutter hangers in sections of 4 foot long.

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