Hang these 3 plant types to your gutter

You might want to light up the look of your home after you install a gutter system. A good solution to this is hanging some plants. The thing is to choose the correct type of plants to hang, because not all are suitable.

Your first option is the fuchsia. This is a colorful plant that will give just enough color to the house’s exterior. This plant hangs in a basket and has long stems that drop down. This type of plant enjoys partial shade so this is a good thing.

The second choice can be the trailing lobelia. This plant can resist to extreme temperatures easily. You can choose what color the trailing tendrils should be, depending on your preferences. It is very easy to take care of them and they are also lightweight making them a perfect candidate for an outdoor decorating plant.

And the last type we present you is the geranium ivy. This is another hanging basket type of plant, available in any color. They have the quality of having iridescent leaves that will throw light in extraordinary ways. Its main quality is its longevity. You can enjoy the beauty of this plant for an entire season.

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