Some ideas of wedding gifts for close friends

You can easily choose a gift from the wedding registry, but if you want to choose some special for the bride and groom, you will have to make some extra effort. This may cost you a little more.

Buy a gift that represents an interest.

For example, a wine lover may appreciate a special vintage bottle of wine while a food guru will like some cooking classes. Try to choose a gift that will include both the bride and groom. Try to match their interests together, like music or theatre. Get them tickets to a special event for during the honeymoon.

Make something extraordinary to surprise the couple. Have a flag flown over the capitol to commemorate the wedding of your friends. Offer them a special day at the spa or a night at a bed and breakfast.

Go for the big gift from the wedding registry. As this can be really expensive you can ask some other friends to join you with this gift. Usually the couple may include something in the registry that is very expensive but they would really like it, in the hope that someone may buy it.

Choose a platter or a picture frame from the registry and engrave them. Personalize the items with the wedding date and name of the couple. Buy them towels with their initials on.

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