Make romantic wedding invites

Here are some tips that can turn useful if you want to make romantic invites

1. Match the wedding’s color theme and the color of the outfit of the couple with the colors on the invitations. You will create a lot of lasting memories.

You can create the romantic feel immediately by using colors such as pink, red and lavender.

2. A wedding cannot be romantic without well designed ribbons. Use metallic designer paper for the ribbon. To make the ribbon more romantic copy the initials of the couple on it or a photo of them. The results are the best if you use materials like, silk organza, hand stitched threads. If you want to improve the design add small diamonds or golden flowers.

3. The person who reads the card is most attracted by the quality of the paper and the design. Vellum paper, cardstock and metallic paper are the best. Depending on the number of evens you are going to have you can add more 3 dimensional layers to the card.

4. The words you write inside the card are very important to express feelings. Express the love between the groom and bride with a romantic poem or song or invent something also romantic.

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