Receiving a bad gift

No matter how bad the gift you receive is, you must remain polite. It’s not nice to tell the giver that his gift is horrible, even though it is. Try to look natural when you accept the gift.

Show some of your acting skills. Here is some advice:

1. To make sure that the giver can’t say you are just being polite try to pretend to be enthusiastic when you receive the gift. This way he won’t know you actually hate it.

2. Try using words like “unique” or “unusual” to describe the gift and not offend the giver. Only you will know that you plan to hide the gift anywhere.

3. You can try to find out where the gift is from and go return it if the receipt is not included.

4. When you receive the gift always smile. In the same time you can think about an equally bad gift to give back. This way you will have your revenge and still remain polite while receiving your own.

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