Which is the right time to register for wedding gifts ?

The best period to register for the gifts you would like is 7 to 9 month before the wedding. For any wedding that is planned less than 7 months away you should register immediately. This way, your guests will know exactly what to get you for the wedding.

If the register was chosen to close to the wedding you have to take into consideration that items can be discontinued. Update the register with replacements for the discontinued items. Don’t hesitate to add new items to the registry anytime. Not everyone buy the gifts long before the wedding, there are also last minute buys.

It is not nice to include the registry with the wedding invitations because this way you solicit everyone to buy you a gift and this should be a personal decision.  You can make a wedding website and there you can include any information you think is necessary, including the wedding registry. You can include the website URL into the wedding invitation.

Even though registering for only one store isn’t mandatory, it will get confusing if you decide to choose more than two or three. When you pick the registry, think about the items you are planning to purchase and that you really need and like. Include items that are affordable for everyone but also more expensive ones. It is actually better if you include a large number of items on the registry as this gives the guest where to choose from.

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