A fine wedding reception

The wedding reception is one of the most important things about a couple’s life. This must be a unique event for a couple, so if you need some advice, read the article below. You will find some reception programs to analyze and apply for yourself if you want all guests to be happy about your event.

The reception is usually organized long time before the religious wedding takes place. The party is starting immediately after the religious wedding, or, if the location is not near the Church, the party will be delayed for a couple of hours. Before, your guests arrive, you will need to make sure that all things are set up and ready to use.

The presentation of the bride and groom is a very important part of the wedding and it should start after all guests have arrived. The ceremony should be officiated by the Dj or the master of ceremonies. So, after the presentation of the families, bride maids and ushers, the couple should have a fine entrance. After that, the traditional cake cutting and toast will take place. Now, each guest can offer his blessing to the couple.

After that, guest can make pictures with the bride and groom. They can ask for personalized pictures or they can choose for group of friends or families. Dinners will be the next step, followed by a short program created by one of the close friend of the bride and groom. The program can contain pictures or videos of the bride and groom from the childhood or of their dating period.

Next, it will take place the most important part of the wedding. The first dance of the couple should be a very important thing to care about. After that, the bride can throw the bridal bouquet which should be caught by a lucky young girl.

This reception idea is a traditional one and you can create your own if you have special ideas, but don’t forget to add something that it must be on your list.

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