The order of service of a wedding ceremony

A wedding is a special ceremony that has to be planned in every detail long before it takes place. With an order of service offered to every guest you will make it easier for them to follow the service and prepare for special portions.

Processional and Greeting

It this part the relatives are seated and the wedding party enters.

After everyone is seated, the officiant leads. This is the greeting.

Prayer and Sermon

Include the officiant name and sermon title.


You have to include any congregational hymns or performances together with the singer and music significance.

Exchange of Vows

Mention the special significance of the vows, if any. You can include a unity candle ceremony for a traditional sermon.

Introduction of new family and recessional

At the end of the ceremony the officiant performs this, right after the first kiss. The next step is everyone going to the reception site.

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