Learn to create a wedding flower ball

With basic craft supplies such as silk flowers and foam balls you can make your own floral wedding decorations. You will not spend much on the supplies and you can get them from any craft store. Coordinate your flowers with the wedding flowers or create interesting new flowers to use as centerpieces or other decorations.

1. Go at the local craft store and purchase a variety of silk flowers. You can choose from a large variety of individual or large bouquets flowers. Try to match your flowers with the other floral arrangements of the wedding.

2. Grab each flower in one hand and then pull out the stem with the other to prepare the silk flowers. Don’t use much pressure to remove the stems. Don’t leave the imperfect petals or leaves on, remove them.

3. Glue the silk flowers to the foam ball by pressing them onto each other. Wait a few seconds for each flower. Apply all the flowers until the entire ball is covered.

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