Creating flower pomanders for weddings

If you look for a fine general aspect of your wedding you will need to consider flower pomanders. So, if you don’t have enough money to buy these accessories, you can create your own. Save your money and add something new to your wedding by creating these accessories.

So, for the bride, you will start by buying a 20 inch floral foam ball. You will need to soak it over the night in cold water. Then, you will need to fold in half a ribbon of 48 inch long by 3 inch wide. You will need to pull it to create a loop to hold the pomander. Make sure that you tie a small knot at the bottom. Then, you will need to buy 40-50 flowers. You will need to hold the ball with a hand while you are pushing the stem through the top with your other hand. Press more flowers into the ball. Then, you will have to turn it 90 degrees and repeat the action with another ring of flowers.

You will need to decorate the chapel and reception hall using your pomanders made weeks before.  So, you will need to cut the crepe paper in strips of different sizes to create an assortment. You will need to twist into a small stem after you roll a small portion of one end of the crepe paper.

Then, you will have to cut the stem and run a clear piece of tape beneath the flowers. Now, you will need to steady the Styrofoam balls in small cups or bowls. Create a ring using a row of flowers and repeat the process for all rows. You will need to insert various sizes of rosettes into the remaining sections and fill the gaps with decorative beads. Now, you will need to arrange the balls in groups of three. You can put them on tables or doorways and windows.

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