How to avoid wedding flower tragedies

The wedding day is for most of the people a day to remember all life. If something goes extremely wrong, you will for sure remember it always. An important part of the wedding decoration, the floral arrangements, can be something that can go really wrong, if not prepared properly.

The following tips will help you avoid such a disaster.

The first thing to take into consideration is to choose your florist long before the wedding. He needs time to prepare its arrangements as the price of flowers differs according to the season.

Everybody loves lilies on their wedding day. They are so beautiful and nice smelling, but their pollen can turn out to be a real problem. If only a little of it gets on the clothes it will create an irremovable orange stain visible to everybody. This can really ruin your day. This is why the florist should cut the pollen out of the bride’s bouquet.

You have to calculate the time when the flowers are set up carefully because you don’t want them to become lifeless by the time reception starts. You need to take all the necessary measures to prevent any of these from happening. Maybe the florist has a special preservative to spray on the flowers that will help them last longer.

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