Learn to create a wedding archway

A beach wedding with an archway is a very beautiful marriage altar. You can decorate the archway after you build it. Depending on your wedding’s style and theme you can use fabrics, flowers, balloons and other decorations.

Follow these steps:

1. You will need thee 10 feet long poles made of wood, PVC piping, metal or bamboo, all depending on the theme of the wedding. Consider the amount of decorations the poles will have to handle and then calculate the necessary width of the poles. The more weight you add the wider the pole has to be.

2. Take a pen and make a mark at the height where you want the overhead beam to go, on the two support beams.

3. At the marked spots drill holes with a drill and a 1/16-in. drill bit.

4. Place the vertical poles in place and the overhead beam on top. Drill a 2 ½ in. screw inside the holes you drilled earlier to mount the overhead beam.

5. Establish the location of the archway and then make space for the poles into the ground by digging two holes that is 2 inches deep and wide enough for the poles.

6. Mount the archway inside the holes and then cover them with some mud or sand.

7. Complete the archway with some final decorations.

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