Learn to create chiffon flowers for a wedding

With chiffon flowers you can make garlands, centerpieces, hanging decorations, aisle ropes, hair accessories, corsages or boutonnieres for your wedding. You will spend less money with these decorations and they will also last longer than natural flowers.


Provide the flower with depth and dimension by adding a couple of different types of fabric with the chiffon resulting in an interesting texture.

You can choose from tulle, organza or silk. It should be enough to use eight layers of chiffon for a flower but if you want a fuller flower you should use more layers.


Create a realistic look for the flowers by melting their edges. Don’t make all the flowers the same, mix the size and shape. Hold a flame at an inch away from the flower’s edge to melt them. Because of the heat, the chiffon will pucker resulting in a curl similar to the one of natural flowers.


Color will give the chiffon flowers depth. Apply layers of different shades of the same color. You can also mix a few different colors.

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