Choose your wedding theme

The wedding theme is very important for some people while others choose not to have a theme. Below there are some ideas for some great themes that you will most certainly like.


Holiday wedding

For some time couples have been choosing the have their wedding during holidays. With Santa officiating the nuptials and people masked for Halloween you can take everything to the extreme. Otherwise you can just use the traditional colors of the holiday in your wedding theme.

2. Movie theme

If you have a couple’s favorite movie you can transform this passion in a wedding theme. Just choose the picture and transform it in an amazing décor. There is no limit when it comes to creating movie themed decorations.

3. Up in the air

We have heard of an English couple that got married on a plane. If you didn’t understand, they got married on the plane’s wings, while being strapped, and when they landed on earth they were man and wife.

4. Adventure

If you are an adventurous couple and you want to remember you wedding your entire life you can try saying your vows while bungee jumping. This is just for extreme people. You can also get married under water, by scuba diving. You can transform an activity that you as a couple love into your wedding theme.

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