Learn to make fabric hair flowers for the wedding

The tradition of putting flowers in the hair during the wedding is beautiful. Still there are a lot of difficulties with this. As the day passes flowers may start to wilt.

This is why you can replace traditional flowers with realistic-looking ribbon roses. Follow these steps:

1. First thread a needle. Search for a “right” side and lay that face down. Turn the top right-hand corner an inch.

2. Use a stitch to sew the corner in place. As you will use stitches to secure the satin ribbon you can just roll the ribbon up in the rose as you go without threading it off each time.

3. Spin the rim of the ribbon over the corner you sewed earlier and continue to spin the ribbon five or six times. Use a stitch to secure it at the bottom.

4. Lay the fold next to the roll you made earlier by folding the ribbon at a 45 degree angle. Cover the fold by rolling up the rose. Secure it with stitches. To completely secure all folds, sew up the rose a little.

5. Again fold the ribbon at a 45-degree and cover the fold by rolling it. Use two stitches to secure it. Roll all the ribbon into the rose in this way. Stitch it at the back and tie the thread at the end.

6. Glue a hairpin, headband or barrette to the ribbon rose by the back. After the glue has dried you can use it in your hair.

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