Wedding accessories for your hair

One of the most important things to consider about a bride aspect is the hair. So, if you are a modern bride and your general wedding aspect is modern, you can choose to create a hair model to suit with the décor. Make sure that your hair style suits well with the gown and accessories.

You can start by choosing some delicate flowers models to suit with your wedding dress. You will need to buy a fabric which suits well with your dress fabric and create your own accessories. Flower templates will suit well if you will create a five or eight petals template. If you can’t do it alone, you can choose some models from the internet too. You can add a pearl bead to your flowers for a fine aspect too.

Also, you can choose flowers as main theme for your dress and hair too. You can create a small loop of flowers to add to your hair style. Also, you can create a vintage fascinator. You will need to purchase 18 inch square of Russian netting and gather its edges together. Then, you will need to sew the netting to a plastic comb by weaving the needle and thread over and through the comb’s teeth. Now, you will sew white feathers to the bridge of the comb. You can create your own flowers or you can purchase them from a local store. You will need to slide the comb forward towards your hairline and flip the netting over your face to put the fascinator on.

Another accessory to think about is the wreath. This accessory will give a fresh spring air to your wedding. And you will create is similar to the accessory before. Make sure that the model chosen will fit well with your dress color.

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