Learn to make flowers for a wedding name card

Flowers are a main decoration for wedding. They are included in almost everything, in bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and woven and anywhere else is possible. By placing flowers in unexpected places such as the name card, you will surprise and delight your guests.

The bride and bridesmaids can gather one day and make the tiny paper flowers. Follow these steps:

1. Get the crepe paper in the same theme as the wedding.

2. Take the crepe and cut out individual petals from it.

3. Each flower should have six petals.  Make two small creases to each petal at the place where they meet the stem.

4. Take a short piece of floral wire and layer the petals around it. Squeeze the base of the petals around the wire.

5. Wrap the base of the petals to the end of the wire in green floral tape. After that you will obtain the look of the stem of the flower.

6. Cut the green crepe paper into leaf shapes and insert the bottom edge of the leaves into the floral tape as it is wrapped around the wire.

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