Creating vintage paper ornaments for Christmas

Being inexpensive and easy to make, vintage-style paper ornaments represent a very good solution if you want to perform some work with your kids. Christmas holiday is a good reason to keep the family united and you can do that involving your family in ornaments projects. You can use a large variety of paper and craft supplies to make your own ornaments.

Also, you can use a large variety of collages and decoupage techniques.

So, you can create your own ornaments using a sturdy card stock. You can cut basic shapes like squares, triangles, stars or other shapes that you have in mind. You will need to think about the place where they will be attached if you want to match their size perfectly with the scene.

A very good option for the background is represented by vintage paper and vintage music. You can use classic style design for you house if you want your house to have the original Christmas air. The paint card can be painted with white glue on its both sides and covered with paper. You will need to cut the excess after it is dried.

You can use some vintage decorations for the center of your ornament. You can find these decorations on greeting cards, or on the internet, or you can draw it yourself if you have skills. You can choose for angels, nutcrackers, birds or images for the Nativity. You will place the decorations on the ornament, but you will not glue it.

You can use small pieces of tinsel, foil papers, doilies and pretty tissue paper to complete the ornament. Make sure that you arrange them for a good looking. Also, you can add a border of tinsel for your ornament and stickers with the shape of a star.

Now, you can glue all the decorations around your ornament to complete the process. You will need to create a hole to the top of your ornament using a hole punch. A ribbon will be threaded through this hole and tied in a loop. Now, your ornament is ready to be hanged.

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