Instructions about removing the fuel tank from a Toro tiller

A Toro tiller is a machine that mixes up the soil in your garden using rotating tines that cut up the soil, making it easier to cultivate on it. The Toro tiller has an engine that works with gasoline, and that gasoline has to be kept on a tank that may eventually need replacement or cleaning. To replace the tank you need to follow some simple steps using the correct tools.

Locate the retaining screw on top of the air-cleaner assembly and remove it using a flat screwdriver. Disconnect the air-cleaner assembly from the carburetor and put it away.

Use a socket wrench to remove the two screws holding the carburetor to the cylinder head. Use a Philips wrench to disable the carburetor from the gas tank. Detach the carburetor from the gas tank.

Behind the gas tank bracket there is the cable clamp, loosen it and pull it out after detaching it from the governor-control lever.

Use a socket wrench to detach the gas tank from the engine block by removing the bolt that holds the gas tank bracket to the engine. Take the gas tank assembly away. If there is any gasoline left, store it in a safe location.

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