What to choose? Gas or propane instant heaters

Into the last years, efficiency is the most important think about a heating system. People are looking for new standards of efficiency and the water heating system is an appliance that made big progress into the last few years. Water heaters without tanks represent a new solution that makes the days when we wait the water to be heated long gone.

Instant heaters use natural gas and propane as fuel which compete against each other to become the fuel chosen by the users. They also have a big opponent if we think about electricity. They both can be used for a kitchen or a bathroom or for the whole house and they can be placed in a closet or under a sink. Also, both systems can be placed outside if you want to have them near the gas or propane delivery ducts.

Differences between them can start from costs. You must consider that a natural gas instant heater uses a pilot light which is wasting energy and a propane model will not do that. Also, propane can be hard to find in some areas and your only choice remains natural gas. This think can happen in reverse too. Also, a difference can be created by the price of propane and natural gas depending to the area you live. In some areas, propane is cheaper than natural gas and in others natural gas than propane.

An advantage for both systems is the fact that you will eliminate standby losses. This fact refers to the old systems which heat water and keep it in a tank. Water which is not used losses its heat if it’s not used and you waste energy and money. Also, a big advantage is that instant heaters use just a little bit of space compared to traditional systems. Another advantage is that the lifespan of instant heaters is longer than the lifespan of traditional systems. They last for minimum 20 years while traditional systems have a maximum 15 years lifespan.

A big disadvantage is that instant heaters can be used into the same time for just one or two person, so if you need a system for a big family, you will need to choose a model with a 20 to 40 gallon tank capacity.

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