Instructions for installing floor heating in concrete

Even you choose it for your house, even you choose it for your work place, a floor heating system represents a very good choice. This system can be expensive and requires the advice of a professional but you will never regret that you installed it. You can choose from two basic options: electric or hot water radiant heating.

The best choice for you depends by many factors like the time spent into the place heated, the local climate, installation costs and few others.

So, if you want to start the process of installation, you will need clean and level the floor or the place where you want to install the system. So, you will need to pour a layer of concrete which will be the base for your heating elements. You will need to wait for the concrete to dry, and then you can proceed.

Into the second step, you will need to install a insulation vapor barrier using a single layer over the length and width of your room. This vapor will need to lay flat and assured safely in place. Electric panels will be adhered to the concrete directly with thin adhesive.

Now, you will need to install the water tubing or the electric radiant panels on top of the underlayment. You will need to create a S pattern if you are using hot water tubing and make sure that the ends of your pipes connects with the supply and return pipes leading to the boiler. You should place the pipes 2 to 5 inches apart. In cold climates, the hot water tubing should be formed in large circuit sections if you want to prevent heat loss.

If you are working with electric panels, you will need to attach them together. Then, you will need to connect them with the household electrical circuit and control thermostat which should be placed on a wall. For water systems, you will need to connect the tubing to the boiler and secure them well.

Now, you will need to check your system and then to pour a layer of concrete of about 1/3 inch. Make sure that the concrete is smooth and let it dry completely. Now, you can polish it and install the floor.

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