Problems with central heat and air systems

1. First check the electrical system controls. If there is no problem there move to the thermostat.

You don’t know who may have adjusted it.

2. When the system fails to blow hot or cold air check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Fixing these problems will require resetting the circuit breaker and replacing the blown fuse.

3. If the heater doesn’t blow enough air, check the filters inside. If the filter is clogged with dirt and debris than an efficient air flow will not be permitted. Check all filters if it is the case. Change the filters if they cannot be cleaned any more.

4. Listen to the outside fan. If you hear it makes a rattling sound or if it doesn’t turn easily it may mean that there is something obstructing it. Look for any object that may have gotten trapped in the fan. Before trying to remove the object remember to turn off the power of the unit. Don’t try to repair the fan by hand too much; it is better if you replace it completely so it can function efficiently.

5. Check the air flow inside the outdoor unit. Look for obstructions here too. The air flow should be perfectly clear for the system to work efficiently. Eliminate whatever gets in the way of the air flow to the outdoor unit.

6. The unit may operate less efficiently if the outside condenser unit is not perfectly level. To check this, use a spirit level once a year. Fix the condenser back t its level with a wood shim.

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