Instructions for replacing box gutters

Many historical houses use an old drainage system called box gutters. Box gutters, differ from modern gutters, as they attach to the fascia or trim and it is an addition to the house. This system acts like a roof channel and it can be damaged over the years.

You can think about changing such kind of system you bought an old house.

First, you will have to remove the roof shingles using a roof shovel to pry up the shingles by sliding the shovel under the shingle and slightly twisting it. You will pry up the roofing nails and release the shingles from the roof by twisting the shovel. Then, you can simply remove the shingles that connect to or touch the box gutter. Make sure that you remove all extra nails remained into the roof.

Now, you will have to remove the box gutter, and this can be a little bit difficult as you may find out what type of installation was used. You will need to remove any screws or nails attached to the box and rafter tail. You will probably need to cut the wooden box gutter channel to remove it from the roof using a jigsaw.

After that, you will need to check the wood for rot and you will have to cut and replace the pieces affected with new ones. You will also need to replace the shingles by applying asphalt roof cement to the back of the shingle. You must overlap the shingles together to cover the nails. Nail the shingles into the roof to secure them and cover it with the next piece. Install all the shingles and now you are ready to install your new guttering system.

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