A description of furnace and boiler systems

Boilers and furnaces are the common system used for home heating. The furnace heats up the air that is after passed through the house while the boiler heats water with the same purpose. To decide on what system is better for you, you should understand how this systems work.


Furnaces work with fuel. Whether it is propane, natural gas, electricity they heat the air with it. There are two types of furnaces: with direct-vent and non-direct-vent. The direct vent system takes air from outside while the non-direct-vent system circulated the air from inside the house. The air is carried through the house with the use of fans and ducts.


Boilers work with water. By burning natural gas, fuel oil or coal, the boiler heats the water until it boils and then carries it through the pipes and inside the radiators to heat the air in the room.

There seems to be an advantage in using furnaces rather than boilers. This is because they can also come with air conditioning installed that can be of real help in the summer, also the installation cost is smaller. Plus, the furnaces allow the installation of a filter for the air to clean it before entering the rooms. The boiler doesn’t allow any of this, and its installation cost is a bigger. Still, the boilers are quieter and it is said that the heat produced by it is more comfortable.

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