Problems with the boiler in a central heating system

Boilers usually heat up the air and water in a home. Because of the extensive use a boiler can have many problems and you should refer to a professional to deal with electrical and gas supply problems.

The boiler is a large tank that heats water and then transfers it around the house to serve its purpose.

Depending on the way the heat is transferred boiler can be of many types: electric boilers and gas boilers.

Check the power supply

When it is the first time the boiler fails you should go and check the power supply. If the boiler works with a pilot light you should check it as it may go out sometimes. Check the electrical wires for damages and the gas flow through the gas supply lines. There might not even be something wrong and the power supply was just wrongly turned off.

Trapped Air

In times the boiler will no longer be entirely hot. The top can feel cold and this will decrease the quality of the heat. This is what happens when air coming through the pipelines gets trapped inside the boiler. To solve this problem search for the air release valve.

Rust and Scale

What we said it happens to the top of the boiler can also occur to the bottom and this time it is because of rust and scale. Because of the oxidation of the metal in the boiler there will be a buildup of rust. The other problem, scale, is caused by the buildup of mineral particles from the water supply inside the boiler.

Device Failure

When something inside the boiler fails than the entire boiler will stop working properly, because it is dependent on other devices. You can find that thermostats are no longer recording the correct temperature, the programmable switches are destroyed and other such problems.

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