Instructions for repairing an in-floor heating system

Most of North America house owners use as a heating system the in-floor heating system. This is a radiant electric system which contains an electric resistance wire placed in concrete. This is a very good working system, but if a problem occurs, it is very important to localize it correctly if you don’t want to remove the entire floor.

A infrared imaging system will be use by a technician to find the damaged wire. The problem will be repaired using a shrink tubing sleeve.

So, you will start the process by gathering all information about your heating system. You will need to find the place where the main wires enter the thermostat and also the resistance for the floor heating wire. You will need to find the insulation resistance for the system and check the power supply of the thermostat using a multimeter. Make sure that that the right voltage is supplying it.

You will need to switch the system on and check it with the infrared tool to find the issue. You will need to look for bad heating and areas with less heat than the others. You will need to remove the pieces of floor and the concrete above these places. You will need to repair the exposed heating wire using splices and shrink tubing.

So, you will need to switch the system off first, and disconnect the power leads and the heating wire leads from the thermostat. You will need to compare the values of the heating wire resistance and insulation resistance with normal values. If they are matching, you will need to take other photos when your system is switched on and you will probably discover that the heat is distributed well and your problem is the thermostat which should be replaced.

If the comparison isn’t matching, you will need to apply a high voltage to the heating wire for 5 seconds to create a break in the wire. Then, you will need to take other photos of the floor and you will need to repeat the process until the arc heated up the floor enough to see the issue. Remove the floor and concrete and repair the wire using a splice.

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