What to choose? Gas forced air or central heat?

If you want to decide what heating system to install for your house, you will need to consider the size of your house and the costs as the most important factors. So, a small house will definitely need a gas forced air system and a big house needs a central heating system. Also, you can choose to have a mixed system as many people in U.

S. have.

Many people choose for their homes gas forced air heating systems as they are very useful. They use gas burners to heat a metal chamber which pushes air through a duct system. A fan is used to divert warm air to the ducts which are distributing air to the rooms through floors, baseboards or walls.

The other option it is commonly called HVAC system and it has multiple functions like heating, ventilation and air conditioning. They use an outdoor air conditioning unit and a gas oil furnace placed inside the house. This system extracts cool air in the winter and diverts it outside to keep warm air inside and into the summer, the process is done in reverse. The central system uses gas or electric energy.

Similarities between the two systems can start with the gas furnace which is used by both systems. Also, both systems can be mixed because they use ducts to distribute warmed air to the rooms of the house through baseboards, floor or wall vents. They are also combined systems and use gas as fuel for the furnace and central heating.

The big difference between these two systems is the costs. The gas forced air system is cheaper as is uses gas, propane or electricity. The other system uses gas or oil furnaces and electricity for the unit placed outside. Costs can be variable if we consider that many people use more electricity into the summer for the air conditioning and more gas in winter for heating the house.

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