Make economies with your heating system

Insulate your attic

It is very well known that heat rises from the ground and in a house with an attic all the heat will head towards it. If you want to capture that heat and preventing it from escaping through the roof you will need to insulate that attic. If you decide to make this improvements to your house heating bills will get a lot smaller.

Insulate wall cavities

The space that sits between two walls is the cavity. Because heat can get lost through the walls of your home, insulating the cavities will reduce the heat loss and preserve it. Normally some holes are drilled into the walls and insulation is pumped through it. Always use the best materials when it comes to improving your home. Ask for directions from professionals.

Sound proof rooms

Everybody who has children or who has a home office to work in realizes what it means to have to listen to all that noise that comes from the house and not be able to concentrate on work or make phone calls. To eliminate this problem you can sound proof a room. You can do this with high density acoustic insulation, slabs and vents. This is a hard job that requires only the best to be involved.

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