Basic information about solar, air and water heating

Solar power represents a very good way to have a cost efficient heating system. Solar power can generate hot water and air in any climate. The rays of sunshine are absorbed by some panels which will transform them to energy.

In this way you will reduce electric bills. Also, this option is ecological and your investment will be returned soon.

This system is an active one and it is not depending on windows to provide a degree of the heating load for the building. Also, this system can be installed on the structural element of the house like floors, walls and windows which will provide heat in the cold season and avoid it into the hot one. They are using solar panels to collect the solar energy and fans to distribute it. The principle of functioning of these systems is simple and it is based on the hot air which rises and cold water which sinks. They will also collect cold water from the bottom of the room and warm it into the air heater and distribute it back into the house. These systems are more efficient if they are installed in places where they can blow or diffuse warm air directly into the room. Solar connectors will be used to heat the air from the unit. Panels can be installed on the windows, walls or on the roof or in every place where sunlight is present. Some models can be installed under a unit and they can transform the energy direct in heat and distribute it into the house. This is a good solution for those who want to reduce a bid part of their energy bills.

Money saved by a solar system depends about your house size, climate conditions and efficiency. These factors will vary from climate to climate and house to house, so it is difficult to tell a precise quantity, but the costs will be reduce surely. Sunny skies and low temperatures are the most important factors for winter particularities that will make your system work at a high efficiency. A great advantage of this system is that it can function as a water heater into warmer months of the year, fact that will reduce the costs and return your investment faster. Some systems will need to add a air-to-water heat exchanger and a degree of plumbing too.

Solar water heating is a system used in many countries for a long time. If you consider installing a solar water heating system, it is recommended to ask a contractor to perform this job for you. You will need to do this because of many factors that will affect the process of installation and the efficiency of the system later. So, climate, local building code requirements, safety and the solar source utilized represent the most important factors that will need to be analyzed by a professional. For a good working solar heater system, it is necessary to install a solar collector on the roof of the house or building. The energy collected will be used to heat the fluid which will produce warmth into your house. As this system is depending about the sunlight, you will need to have a backup solution when the sun will not be present to help you.

So, you will need to think about important factors if you want to buy this kind of system such as the cost of installation, price of solar water heating system, efficiency, annual taxes, energy bills, the amount of power used, maintenance cost. This system will also work if you will need to heat the water from a plastic pool. Some floating disks will act like collectors of the sunlight. The system will heat the water and distribute it back into the pool after the temperature needed is reached. Collector panels will need to be almost 50% of total surface of the pool area.

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