Central air and heating systems cost

Calculate heat gain

The first thing a contractor should perform is the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J load calculation. After this calculation the contractor should know how big the heating and cooling unit has to be to support the entire house.

The type of central air and heating system unit

The modern air conditioning systems are a “split system” meaning that they have a unit installed outside, unit which is heavier and noisier and generates heat, and the rest of the system installed indoors.

The other option is the packaged central air conditioner that means you will have all components installed in a cabinet placed on the roof or near the house.

Existing ductwork

The installation of central air systems is very easy if you already have an air ducting system from a previous forced-air heating system. The installation should take 2 days at an average cost of 4000$ for 2000 square feet of surface.

No existing ductwork

Using baseboard heaters or radiators include installing new ducts and this will lead to an increase of cost and working time. This will cost you are between 8000$ and 10000$.

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