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Central heating unit troubleshooting

Central heating unit troubleshooting


1. When the central heating unit fails to start check the thermostat first. Make sure the temperature is set correctly, set it higher than the temperature in the room.

2. Check the furnace to be on. Verify if the circuit breakers inside the electrical panel that controls the outside heat pump are on. Reset them once if they were on.

3. If the heater uses gas verify the gas valve at the gas meter near the gas tank. You can be out of gas in which case you will need a refill.

4. Check the air filter inside the air handler. See it is filled with dirt and debris and clean or even replace it if necessary. Only wash it if it is a reusable filter and let it dry before placing it back. Otherwise buy a new filter to replace the old one completely.

5. If the air blown by the vents is not warm check the return air grilles on the walls. Make sure the vents are open and that there is no object in the way of the air flow such as furniture or drapes.

6. If the fan is set to run not-stop then change the setting from the thermostat to “on” instead of “auto” to run in cycles.

7. A rattling noise made by the furnace means you need to turn it off and call a professional.

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