Reduce costs with heating by cleaning the central heating duct work

Having a centralized heating supply that distributes heats through ductwork requires regular maintenance to ensure a proper functioning. Large buildings like apartment blocks have such systems and according to the Associated Code of Practice from the Health and Safety Commission the ventilation system must be tested and cleaned from anything that may result in contaminating the air.

Still you also need to perform regular checking on the system to assure its performance is at the maximum capability, meaning the system is clean of dust and debris that build up in the system, because with the energy price continuously rising you will want to keep the costs at a minimum.

For a heating system that uses gas for energy the maintenance should be applied to all pipe work, appliances and flues appliances. Also you need to bring a gas engineer once a year to inspect the system and certify it as safe.

You can benefit from free surveys of the ductwork from commercial companies and they will also provide you with solutions to potentially identified problems.

You can recognize a good cleaning company if they work according to the HVAV, the professional association for the heating and ventilation industry.

You can also find out if the company uses specialized extraction devices, air jets and brushes to clean the ductwork. It is said that if you sanitize the system after cleaning it performs better and for a longer period of time.

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