A few electric baseboard heaters types

The electric heaters installed in the baseboard of the room uses a system of vents to filter the air, by pulling the cold air from the floor and heating it inside releasing it in the room to warm it. All the hot air rises to the roof and the cold air gets on the ground, this way the system works properly. You can fit an electric heater in small areas because it’s small size making it a good option for rooms where you don’t have place to install a heating source.

The system has coiled elements that carry high voltages so you will need a nearby electric outlet. The cold air that gets inside the heater is pushed against the hot coils warming it. When the air is warm it is sent in the room to replace the cold air.

  1. Hydronic baseboard heaters

This heating system uses hot water to warm the air. The water is boiled in the water heater of your house. The hot water warms the inside of the heater and while the cold air gets through the heater it is warmed by it and then pushed back into the room.

  1. Electric hydronic heaters

This is a combined system between electric heaters and hydronic heaters. The difference is that the water or whatever liquid is used for heating is heated in the system using electric power. So the cold air gets into the heater and it is warmed by the hot liquid inside and then it is released into the room to replace the cold air.

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