Problems with electric central heating

Even though the complexity of a heating system asks for a professional to repair it in case of malfunction, you could still learn some basic troubleshooting in the hope you can fix the problem yourself or at least tell the repairman what it is.

One of the problems that can occur is that the heaters blow air that is no longer hot. This could mean that the heating element has burned out.

When the air is no longer blown, it means there is a problem with the blower. When the temperature is reached still the heater continues to work it means that the thermostat is broken. You can see if it need replacement or calibration by turning it off and checking to see if the heater still works. If not than the thermostat is only badly calibrated. Each of these cases asks for a repairman.

Maybe in time the air flow in the house weakens more and more. This can indicate that the filter is dirty. The solution is to replace the filter.

When the breaker switches off than the system may shut off, so if this occurs remember to check the switch on the breaker. If it was thrown you can switch it back on and when this problem repeats call an electrician.

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