Will the center heat freeze due to cold weather?

Even though central heating systems are designed to be used when it is cold outside it will face many problems during ice cold weather. The systems used by the central heating unit may interfere with the freezing cold. The outdoor components are the most susceptible such as the evaporators along with the pipes and ductwork and other components.

There are central heating systems that draw air from outside to inside with a heat pump. The conditions may be warm enough for the heat pump to function but the evaporator may find it too cold. During this process the heat pump will draw moisture through the outside portion, which will freeze on the evaporator. Because of this the heat pump will eventually stop working.

Freezing may still occur even if your furnace works with gas. Along with the heat drawn from the exhaust the reclamation system also draws moisture leading to freezing condensation. Because of this the drains and condensation lines will get blocked and the furnace can get cracked.

Cold weather will also affect the ducts. At cold temperatures the metal will contract creating gaps and leaks in it. Therefore the cold air from outside will interfere with the heat produced by the system. You will find yourself wasting a lot of money on a very inefficient heating system.

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