Installing central heat and air

It is no longer a luxury to have central heat and air installed. This system is now included in most of the new buildings. Central heating systems offer great comfort when people need to control the temperature inside their homes.

Follow these steps:

1. Look for good places for the ducts by checking the plan of the house. Mark the places you want to set the ducts after analyzing the plans.

2. After you have decided on the place to set the ducts, you can install them.

3. The next piece to install is the air handler. Remember that you will need to install it in the basement or in the attic and keep it away from any concrete foundations.

4. Pull the tubing from the air handler to the outside again keeping it away from the foundation.

5. For the next steps you will need to cut off the main power to avoid any injury.

6. Find a leveled area on the ground that is at least 12 inches away from the foundation and shrubs and install the compressor there. You need to place the compressor on a plastic base.

7. You now need to make 2 holes for the refrigerator tube and for the electrical tube through the hole behind the compressor. After you insert the tubes in their holes fill in any space around the tubes with strong filler.

8. Attach the wall panel thermostat to the wall and connect it to the main power supply along with the air handler and the compressor. An electrician is a good idea for this job if you fell unsecure.

9. Now you’re good to start testing your new heating system.

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