How to install one zone radiant floor heating

If you need a very good system to heat your house, or your commercial area, you will need to consider radiant floor heating system. This kind of system is very quit and efficient and it works using hot water to heat the rooms. Systems which will be installed in only one room or area will work efficiently as they don’t need to depend to a main central system.

So, the process of installation will start with the tubing. You will need to find the areas that lose the most heat, and you will need to install into that places, the tubing which will carry the hottest water. You will need to install the tubing carefully and shape it into a curve. Make sure that you don’t bend the tubing in sharp angles. The distance between runs of tubing will need to be at least 6 inches. Also, you will need to make sure that you installed the tubing uniformly if you want to avoid hot and cold spots into the room. To reinforce the tubing, you will need to tie it using zip ties. Also, you will need to measure the distance to the boiler and make sure that you leave an extra length. Using a sharp knife, you will cut the tubing and cover the ends of it with tape. Now, you can install the insulation and pour the concrete slab. Make sure that the tubing isn’t lifting up or damaged when you pour the concrete.

Now, you will need to take care of plumbing and electronics. You will need to cut the copper pipe using a pipe cutter. To join pieces, you will need to solder them using a soldering torch. You will need to connect the tubing to the boiler and install a recirculation pump which will be connected to the return side of the boiler. Also, you will need to install at the highest point of the system an automatic vent. Then, you will need to install two boiler taps with a ball control valve between them on an accessible location. Make sure that you hook up the switching relay, thermostat, and control module. Make sure that you will add the correct amount of glycol to the water, depending on the climate. Using the boiler taps, rubber hoses and charging pump, you will need to charge the system.

After you finished this part, you will need to take care of floors and finishing. So, you will need to inform all contractors about your project. Make sure that you don’t drill into or drive fasteners into the slab and consult blueprints to know where you can install concrete fasteners. Also, you will need to choose the finishes which will suit best with your radiant heating system. It is recommended to use ceramic tile mortar. Make sure that you don’t put a thick carpet on the floor because heat will not rise to the room. The thermostat will be programmed to warm and cool the room depending on your needs. Remember that the room will be warmed and cooled in approximately 2 hours from the moment you programmed the thermostat.

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