A presentation of some heating and air systems

The forced air system is one of the most used types of heating system. The system has a furnace or handler that works with fuel like propane, oil, natural gas or electricity that conditions the air inside the system. The air is afterwards run through a fan that pushes it in the room.

This system offers many advantages. Also this is the only system that can be used for both warming and cooling, so it’s also a good option for the summer.

Another system that you can benefit from, to warm a room is the radiant system. The heat is transferred directly to a cold surface. To produce heat this system also uses fuels like electricity, oil, propane or natural gas. Still this system has some downsides like the installation cost or the time that you need to wait until the system produces heat. Also you cannot cool a room using this system.

The steam radiant system, another popular one, uses steam to radiate heat inside a room. The fuel used can be natural gas, electricity, propane, or oil. The time it takes to produce heat is relatively small and the system is comfortable. Still you cannot use it too cool a room and they are quite old as a system.

Finding the right system for your building is a necessary step considering the cost with such a system, if you want to live comfortably. You will choose the right one if you know what is best for your desired area.

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