Instructions for changing gas lines on a craftsman

The fuel for the carburetor and combustion on a Craftsman gas-powered lawn and garden tool is delivered by the gas lines. Debris and fuel impurities can easily clog the gas lines and you will certainly need to replace them as the engine is stopping regularly or it never starts.

If you want to start this process, you will have to unscrew and remove the cap of the fuel tank first.

Then, you will have to get away the fuel from the container and remove the air filter cover. Also, you will need to remove the air filter pad. Then, you will need to remove the air filter box to reach the carburetor and pull the fuel lines away from the elbow connectors of the carburetor. After that, using a metal hook, you will try to remove the fuel filter and fuel line and pull out the fuel filter and fuel hose.

Now, you will cut a 7-10 inch section of tubing and press the hose through the hole placed near the carburetor. You will need to push the piece through the engine and assure that 3 inches remain in the fuel tank. Then, you will place the new piece into the fuel line after you lifted it to the tank opening and drop the fuel line and filter until they reach the bottom of the tank. You will have to repeat the process for the secondary fuel line and if it’s necessary, you will need to unscrew the machine’s primer bulb which should be attached to the purge line or to the carburetor.

You will need to repeat the process for the second fuel hose and attach it to the primer bulb. You will also need to connect another section of tubing to the primer bulb which will reach the fuel tank through the hole. Now, you will simply press the tube ends into the connectors on the carburetor and the process is done.

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