Fixing a central heater

The main elements that keep a central heating system working well are: fuel to burn, water to heat, a flame to heat the water and a supply of electricity. If you miss any of these elements than you will probably have no heat. That’s why you need to know how to repair central heating.

1. Use the plunger-like lever of your sight gauge to verify the oil level inside the fuel tank. You will know you need more fuel when the oil level drops out of sight.

2. Verify the water circulation in the boiler. Feel the large pipe that is found at the bottom of the boiler and see if it’s cold. If it is try to see if there are any vibrations indicating that the pump is working. If it is not than you will need to bleed the system by loosening the brass nut on the pump. You will need to replace the pump if this doesn’t fix the problem.

3. The air intake may be filled with dirt and debris and you can actually hear some rattling sounds when this happens. In this case you need to clean the ducting after you remove it from the boiler. Clean it and then replace it.

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